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Tile & Grout

Tile is often in some of the most used areas of our homes including kitchens, bathrooms, and showers. Using our truck mounted hot water extraction tools we can thoroughly clean and revitalize all of these areas.

As with any type of service work the most important step is the pre-inspection. At this time our technician will look at all the areas being cleaned and discuss any problem areas or concerns that you the customer may have. Deep Eddy usually sends two technicians to our tile jobs so that we can safely move your furniture. Once the tile is dried we move everything back into its place. Deep Eddy uses a safe, specially formulated Tile and Grout Cleaner to thoroughly scrub your tile. We even use a special grout brush to get into those hard to reach places. Using a specially designed tool hot water is sprayed onto the tile and then immediately vacuumed back into the van. The high pressure hot water forces dirt and grime out of even the most textured of tile and grout. While the tile is left virtually dry we use high velocity air movers to quickly dry out your floor. There is no mopping process that just pushes around the dirty water.

After the tile is cleaned a formulated grout sealant can be applied to protect the grout. This sealant will penetrate the surface of the grout to help prevent spills from absorbing into the floor and causing discoloration. The sealant is water based so it is safe for use around pets and children.

Deep Eddy’s safe and effective tile cleaning process can be used on tiled showers, backsplashes, and countertops. Every job is unique in its own way so please call or send us an email for a free in home inspection.

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