Area Rug Cleaning

Step 1:
A mechanical duster beats the rugs as it is being power vacuumed. This step removes approximately 79% of dry particles, such as animal hair, dust, bugs, allergens, and particle soil.

Step 2:
Using specially formulated detergents and rainwater, each rug and carpet is thoroughly cleaned, front and back. At this time, the fringe will be given special attention.

Step 3:
Following shampooing, each rug is thoroughly rinsed using rainwater to remove as much soiling and residue as possible.

Step 4:
After the initial rinsing, the rug is fed through the MOR machine at least twice, which allows for a final rainwater rinse and removes excess water.

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Step 5:
Deep Eddy is one of only four rug and carpet cleaners in the United States who operate a centrifuge. The centrifuge is used to remove all excess water, which accelerates drying, avoiding color migration, and bacterial growth.

Step 6:
Before the rug is moved to the drying room, the pile and fringe is hand groomed. It is during this process we remove as much animal hair as possible with a special brush.

Step 7:
Our heat and humidity controlled drying room is important in the preservation of your rug. The next morning all rugs are brought out and thoroughly inspected again. If need be we will run the rug through one or all of the steps again until we feel that it is as clean as we can safely get it.

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